The Big Challenge in Königsbrunn

Question: If you go to New York, you can visit …?

A. the White House, B. the Empire State Building, C. the Golden Gate Bridge, D. Disney World.

So …? Do you know the answer? Yes, it is B, as the Empire State Building is one of the most famous buildings in New York.

Be honest! Would you have known it? Yes? Great! Maybe you are one of the top scorers of this year’s Big Challenge then, a contest that takes place at schools all around Europe every year. About 100 students of the Mittelschule Königsbrunn took part in, too. 45 questions in 45 minutes had to be answered and our students had to prove how good their vocabulary, their grammar and their knowledge about the English and American culture is. Of course some questions were quite difficult, but our students did a really great job. In the end, the participants received a diploma and lots of different prices like posters, pencils, books, calendars or flags. Tim Hoyer (7dM), Alexandru Georghita (8dM) and Sinan Singur (9dM) even got an extra price, a medal and a selfie stick, as they were the best students in their age group. So congrats to all of them and who knows, maybe next time, you will be one of the best, too. Just keep on practicing!

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